Jan 30th, 2012

Brave New World Preview

Kerrang! Editor Phil Alexander has just returned from interviewing the band in-depth in LA for a forthcoming front cover issue. Whilst Phil spent time with the guys they played him some tracks from the forthcoming album.

Here's Phil's take on those tracks:-

'The Wicker Man'
The album's opening track and set to be the first single, 'The Wicker Man' is a high-octane hard rock cruncher which lays down the gauntlet in fine style. Think of a cross between 'Aces High' and '2 Minutes To Midnight' and you're close.

'Ghost Of The Navigator'
A classic Maiden epic, '...Navigator' refuses to get bogged down in its numerable time changes and is driven by a scything signature riff. Bruce delivers a vocal performance of titanic proportions which serves as a reminder about how good it is to have him back in the harness.

'Brave New World'
Based on the Aldous Huxley book of the same name, 'Brave New World' moves from brooding to bruising in a seamless Maiden-esque manner. Anchored by a catchy chorus, it's a underpinned by some patented guitar interplay from Messrs Murray, Gers and Smith.

'Blood Brothers'
One of Maiden's most ambitious tracks, Blood Brothers serves up a gloriously uplifting chorus set against a backdrop of strings. Stirring stuff, it sits somewhere between Maiden's 'The Clansman' and Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters'.

Maiden's new album is an undoubted return to form. Put simply, it's the sound of a band doing what they do best. In fact it's almost as if they've taken the last 20 years and distilled their finest moments on to one bold, yet reassuringly heavy album. Not only do Maiden sound hungry again, they sound like they're having a good time.