Jan 30th, 2012

Fancy A Jam With Nicko?

Those of you living in the UK or able to tune into BBC1 can see Nicko McBrain taking part in the BBC Music Live event happening over the weekend.

BBC Music Live is the culmination of a 5 day music festival, the biggest ever seen in the UK and will be broadcasted over 24 hours on May 28th and 29th to help encourage young people to get into music and learn to play.

The launch show starts at 10pm on Sunday May 28th where Nicko will explain the drummers marathon happening on Monday. The 'Beat This' Drummers marathon is a huge link up to 20 locations around the country where everyone will be playing the same motif as shown by Nicko himself. The actual marathon starts around 11.30am where you can see Nicko starting everyone off.

Get you own old kit out from the garage or dig out the pots and pans from the kitchen and join Nicko to rock the nation.